Essential Oils & The Chakras Class

I hope you enjoy this bonus class! Please note that the PDF slides have been updated, because I noticed a discrepancy in the original (which you will see in the video). See my addendum below the video.

Video Lecture


The dilution ratio that I recommend for this work is 0.5%, and I realized when looking over my slides again that unless you've listened to the whole video, you may get the impression that I'm saying that a 0.5% dilution is not enough to have a therapeutic effect. THIS IS NOT TRUE. 0.5% is actually the recommended dilution for pregnant people, those with sensitive skin, and the very young and very old. I myself used a 0.5% in all of my formulations for years, and I can tell you that if you're using PURE essential oils (e.g., Rae Dunphy, Green Valley Aromatherapy, Plant Therapy, Aromatics International, etc.), that not only does it have a therapeutic effect, but it is also aromatic. Obviously it's a milder aroma, but it still works. 0.5% in a rollerball is ONE DROP TOTAL of essential oil in 10mL of carrier.

PDF Notes

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