How to Complete This Course

How to Complete This Course

  1. Download the files in "Course Materials & Resources"
  2. Do The Chakra Workout
  3. Take the Chakra Quiz (under "Basic Chakra Therapy: Exploring the Chakras") and save your results
  4. Work through each module in order. You can watch the video lectures (recommended) or listen to the audio version. The audio version and PDF slides are downloadable for your convenience
  5. Complete the Final Exam with a minimum 70% grade (you have 1 attempt)*
  6. Submit 3 case studies: one on yourself, and two on other people. Email your case studies (in PDF form) to [email protected]*

The Final Exam and Case Study Forms can be found under the last section, "Completing the Course".

Course Objectives

By completing this course, students will:

  1. Understand what the chakras are and why they are important to healing
  2. Understand the basic attributes of each of the 8 chakras, beginning with Chakra 0 (Earth Star) and ending with Chakra 7 (Crown)
  3. Know how to open and close the chakras
  4. Know how to use different modalities and techniques to balance the chakras, including: meditation, yoga, movement, essential oils, herbs, colour therapy, and crystals
  5. Know how to create their own Chakra Yoga Sequence or Chakra Workout
  6. Know how to perform a chakra healing session using the Chakra Balancing Technique
  7. Know how to teach an introductory chakra class