How This Course Works

ii: How This Course Works

Please read this entire section in full, as it contains important information about your course.

I designed this online course for all types of learners. You will have lifetime access to Audio Lectures, PDF Files, and Videos. You may download these attachments if you wish, or stream them directly from the Teachable platform.

Most of the PDF Files will have a matching Audio Lecture component; if this is the case, you may choose to work through both, or whichever one is most convenient to you.

The Videos are supplementary presentations, and are NOT identical to the Audio Lectures. If there is a Video, you must listen to the Audio Lecture (or read the PDF Transcript) first, then proceed with the Video. I filmed the Videos with the assumption that you've already worked through the Lecture material.

The course is designed to be completed in order. The Assessments must also be submitted in order. Please do not submit the Assessments all at once; submit them as you complete each Module.